MGG gives Aquino administration grade of 4.69

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PRESS RELEASE: MGG gives Aquino administration grade of 4.69 for 1st year in office

Experts from the Movement for Good Governance (MGG) have given President Aquino a grade of 4.69 for his first year in office, a rating based standards or metrics that the President himself set for his administration at the beginning of his term.

MGG experts used a 10-point scorecard system that benchmarked the administration based on whether the President kept his promises to the Filipino people during his campaign. The rating of 4.69 means that “there has been accomplishments, but more need to be done.”

The rating, qualified by indicators, also evaluates whether the President has the qualities of a transformational leader: effective, empowering, and ethical. These are the qualities that MGG used in benchmarking the candidates in the 2010 elections.

“It is relatively easy to elect a President. The difficulty lies in supporting him so that he succeeds in governance,” said Solita Monsod, MGG chairman and former Socioeconomic Planning Secretary.

During the President’s inaugural address, he said, “No more turning back on pledges made during the campaign, whether today or in the coming challenges that will confront us over the next six years.”

His address metamorphosed into the program of government formally known as President Aquino’s “Social Contract with the Filipino People”, which in turn, serves as the basis of the recently released 2011-2016 Philippine Development Plan, with “Inclusive Growth” as the theme.

Ms. Monsod said supporting the President entails affirming his performance in areas that he has done very well, hence the rigorous process used in benchmarking the administration’s performance objectively.

“Supporting the President also involves reminding him what policies and practices are not coherent with his platforms and promises,” Ms. Monsod said.

In a document entitled “How Well Does The P’Noy Administration Fare?”, the MGG explained how it arrived at the overall rating. The group evaluated the President in the areas of economy, public finance, governance, corruption, education, and health.

MGG is a coalition organized in 2008 to promote transparent, participatory, and accountable governance.

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