Social NetWorth: Overload

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Group presentation video by Social NetWorth participants Aj Ramos-Celestial, Kaye delos Santos, Kelly Medina, Peter Romanillos, and Rocelle Paula Cariño, as facilitated by Kath Mendoza.        

Social NetWorth: Sanctuaryo

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Nelry Aducal and Jianne Orcelada are Mass Communication students from Adamson University. They are both officers of the Adamson University Mass Communication Society. Jianne writes for Papyrus, the Mass Communication department’s official publication.

Social NetWorth: Labyrinth

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Rochelle Cariño and Kenneth Mangaya-Ay are students of Mass Communications from the University of Mindanao. They are also active members of Media Education for Intelligent Awareness (MEdIA), their department’s official student organization. Using their media skills, they want to increase awareness about the environment in their native Davao.