2 Comments on “1 of 2 Unemployed Filipinos is a #PinoyYouth, says ILO”

  1. UniversityInCebu

    Great information being shared in this article. The infographic way of explaining the situation helps it to become much easier to understand.
    What this article says is really true there are lots of you who are dropouts of school and unemployed, there are even some of our degree holders who are still looking for jobs that suitable for their degree.

    I hope the government see this as a really serious problem and they would find better solution fast rather than forcing this K-12 program to be implemented that would even cause for another increase in unemployed and student dropouts.


  2. MP-KNN team

    Hi Nile, thanks for your kind words! We do hope there’s a more systemic way of providing solutions to this, as we want our youth to be productive and make use of their talents while earning a living.

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