One Comment on ““[Opinion] The Effects of Cohabitation on the Youth”


    Hi Rafael. Your article imposes a religious tone in it with marriage constantly highlighted throughout. I see where you are coming from but there are couples who did not wish to get married not because they fear commitment or wished to go with this cohabitation trend. They did not get married because they do not believe in religion or papers or tradition. Marriage is not always synonymous commitment FYI.

    You keep saying you are not against cohabitation but against its destructive effects on young people. Maybe we are barking in the wrong tree, Rafael. Cohabitation is not exactly the root of the problem here. You see, even if teens or young people do not live in the same roof, premarital sex happens, unwanted pregnancy happens, abortion happens, relationship breakup happens. Comprehensive sex education is the key here. We need to educate young people on the consequences.

    “So, if you’re not really into marriage, then I suggest that you do not cohabitate either. We need to be good role models for the children. They look up to us. It is up to us to actually make good decisions, so that hopefully they would do the same thing.”

    Your definition of what’s a good role model is kinda myopic. There are married couples who did more harm to their children than good. I think it’s a hasty generalization to claim that cohabitation ruins the lives of the couple and the child.

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