UST nursing students learn about causes and effects of bullying

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“Boys will be boys.”

“It’s just harmless fun.”

“Huwag ka’ng iiyak, ibig sabihin nun pikon ka.”

“Walang magsusumbong ha!”

If you’ve been told any of these things, you’ve probably been bullied.

If you have said any of these things, you have probably been a bully at some point in your life.

At the University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing, bullying within classes is considered a serious problem. When the students approached the Guidance Counselor’s office and requested an antibullying seminar, the college recognized the needs of the student body and organized the seminar, titled “Promoting a Caring and Healthy Environment: Anti-Bullying Seminar for Nursing Students.”

Mulat Pinoy worked with the guidance office and organized two events: a July 15 seminar for first and second year students, and a second session on July 22 for third and fourth year students. Both sessions were held in the College of Medicine Auditorium, St. Martin de Porres Building.

At the first seminar, four speakers were invited to share their thoughts on bullying:

  • Psychologist Blesila De Asis talked about the psychology of bullying, and the personality types of bullies and the ones they bully.
  • Lawyer Hannibal Bobis spoke at length about the Anti-Bullying Act of 2012, and the legal courses of action one can take against bullies.
  • The College of Nursing Assistant Dean, Assoc. Prof. Socorro Guanhing, RN, MAN, talked about the University’s policies on bullying, so that students would be informed of what the school can do to protect them.
  • Motivational speaker and broadcaster Vivien Mangalindan taught the students some valuable tips on dealing with bullies and how to stop being a victim.

Each talk was followed by a quick Q&A, and the students asked intelligent questions. Many were concerned that if they stood up to bullies, they would become bullies themselves. The July 15 seminar was attended by approximately 700 students, and the program was moderated by faculty member Enrique Cruz III, RN, MPH.

At the second seminar, Bobis and Prof. Guanhing reprised their talks for the third and fourth year students. Rizason Ng, a colleague of De Asis, delivered the psychology talk, while Sonnie Santos (Twitter: @sonnie) of Web Safety PH talked about how to stand up to bullies. The July 22 session was attended by almost 900 students, and emceed by faculty member Earl Francis Sumile, RN, MAN. The students’ questions during the Q&A touched on more sensitive topics, such as stories of bullying situations athome, and confessions by students who had been bullies themselves.

At each session, Mulat Pinoy set up freedom walls outside the auditorium to give the students an opportunity to voice their thoughts on the talks and the speakers. Students were also given sheets of paper in the shape of hands, where they could answer the question, “How can you stand up against bullying?” View their answers here.

The College of Nursing hopes that other colleges in UST will follow their example, and hold anti-bullying seminars of their own.

Quotes from the July 22 seminar can be found on Twitter, using #endbullyingUST.

Photos from the event can be found on Facebook:

Have you ever been bullied? Have you ever bullied anyone? Tweet us your thoughts on bullying: @mulatpinoy #endbullyingPH

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