PRESS RELEASE: Hot topics on Adolescent Health

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PRESS RELEASE: PAGSPHIL convention, March 18-19,2013, Crowne Plaza Galleria


Gender awareness and gynecology for children and  adolescents are two hot topics nowadays! it involves the care of children who have issues and questions regarding their sexuality, their changing and growing bodies, their values, beliefs , and attitudes towards themselves, and their relationships towards others. Gender sensitive approach to health care involves the proper attitudes of the health provider- be they the clerk at the reception area, the nurse in the clinic, the midwife in a birthing center or the physician in his/her private practice. Everyone needs to learn how to handle and confront situations which involve a young child or teen who is grappling with such issues like: who am I, why do I look different from kids my age,

 why do I feel different from others. It also includes learning how to manage disorders in sexual differentiation where parents may need guidance on how to raise kids whose sexes are undeterminable at the start,

Many health professionals are now confronted with reproductive health issues such as a pregnant teen, early sexual activity, gender preferences, sexually transmitted infections and HIV/AIDS.  Many girls have gynecologic complaints  like menstrual irregularities and premenstrual symptoms like pain in the abdomen on or before menses. Studies have shown that boys and girls do have reproductive health complaints but do not know where to go or whom to reach out to. Parents also may want to know how to protect their children from risky behaviors through proper counseling, immunizations against infections like the human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and learning more about sexuality education for growing children.

With these relevant issues nowadays, the Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Society of the Philippines, Inc will be conducting a very unique program on March 18-19,2013 at Crowne Plaza Galleria . Local and foreign experts have been invited to speak on topics like gender-sensitive approach in the care of adolescents, endocrinology of puberty, confidentiality in adolescent health care, legal issues in the care of teens, redefining roles in   pediatric gynecolgic examination, applying gender awareness in daily practice, complex anomalies and outcomes of children with sex disorders, challenges and controversies in sex education in the Philippines, violence against women.

Dr. Marc Laufer, author of the book on Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, will be a main speaker. Dr. Eric Tayag is the Keynote Speaker and he will talk on Health Sector Reform: Opportunities for Gender Mainstreaming. Mr.  Efren Penaflorida(CNN Hero)  will be a special guest on March 19, 2013.

To register : contact Dr. Darlene Zamora 0922-871-0188; Dr Lilibeth Castro 0923-827-5920 or email: [email protected]

View the flyer on Scribd.

-Rosa Maria Nancho MD


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