National Survey Shows More Filipinos Will Vote for Pro RH Candidates

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In a national survey conducted among adults by the Social Weather Stations (SWS), 33% of adults say they will vote for a Pro-RH Senatorial Candidate against 9% who said that they will vote for an Anti-RH one and 57% say that the issue is irrelevant in their selection of a candidate. The survey was conducted from November 29-December 3, 2012 among 1,200 adults nationwide.

33% of Filipino adults also say that their vote will be for a Pro-RH Congressional candidate while 9% say that they will vote for an Anti-RH candidate and 58% say that the issue is irrelevant.

“As Congress makes a decision on the RH Bill, the result of this opinion survey continues to prove the public support for the measure.” Benjamin de Leon, President of Forum for Family Planning and Development and Commissioner of the Commission on Population said.“This survey like all the other surveys done in the past favors the passage of the RH Bill.” de Leon added.

Members of the House of Representatives are said to have agreed to put an end to the period of amendments on this day, December 12. Pro-RH supporters are confident that anti-RH Representatives will honor the agreement.

Just last week, the result of another opinion survey done by SWS among adolescents from the National Capital Region (NCR) shows that with regards to the RH Bill, 64% of NCR adolescents 15-19 years old, are in favor of the bill as against 19% who are not in favor while 17% are undecided.

“The SWS surveys correct myths and help challenge the scare tactics of the Catholic hierarchy against our legislators and other
politicians.” de Leon said. “For me, our surveys show that there is a Catholic vote in favor of the RH Bill.” de Leon added.


For more information, contact Chi Laigo Vallido,
    Advocacy Specialist, Forum for FP and Dev’t., Inc.

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