PRESS RELEASE: Mulat Pinoy launches Facebook app for video contest

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Got something to say about sexual health? Just log on to Facebook!

Young Filipinos interested in joining Mulat Pinoy’s latest video contest only need to get on their favorite social network to submit entries talking about teen pregnancy, sex education, sexuality, HIV/AIDS or whatever they might think is related to sexual health. With the help of IT company Brewed Concepts, Mulat Pinoy launched the Sexual Health: Shout Or Shush Facebook application on Friday, August 10. Through this app, users can submit their videos and view other entries. When public voting for the winners begins in November, Facebook users can vote through this app as well.

To join Mulat Pinoy’s video contest, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Log on and Like the Shout or Shush Facebook page (
  2. Click the Shout or Shush app (beside Photos). Click “Go to App” and allow it to access your information and post on your Wall.
  3. Your name and date of birth will be copied from your Facebook profile information. If you’re going to be over 30 years old by the time the deadline rolls in, you won’t be allowed to join!
  4. Enter your address, contact number and email address. Make sure to read and agree to the Terms and Conditions before you click “Register”.
  5. Submit your entry. You can upload a video, or hit “Record” to use your computer’s webcam to shoot video of yourself. You can preview the video before clicking “Submit Video”.

After you submit your video, a moderator from Mulat Pinoy will review the entry and approve it for viewing in the Gallery. Once your video appears in the Gallery, you can share it on your Facebook Wall!

Sexual Health: Shout Or Shush is open to all Filipinos aged 30 and below. Video entries should be no more than two (2) minutes long. Entries can tackle any issue related to sexual health, especially issues that are important to young Pinoys. The deadline for submission of entries is October 15, 2012.

For more information, visit and Like the Shout or Shush Facebook page (


Regina Layug Rosero, Mulat Pinoy Project Coordinator

Telephone: (02) 4330456

Email: [email protected]

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