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Social NetWorth is a workshop that was conducted by Mulat Pinoy in February 2012. The participants hailed from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, and were comprised of an impressive set of college students who are leaders in their own communities. With speakers from Mulat Pinoy’s partner organizations, the participants learned about media theory and practices, the emerging rules and recommendations for social media, and the basics of population and development. Using this new knowledge, the participants returned to their communities to set up their own popdev projects, promoted and documented through social media.

Peter Romanillos is studying Mass Communication in the Cebu College of the University of the Philippines. Bryan Sotto is working towards his bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of San Carlos, also in Cebu. And Raniel Ponteras is based in Iloilo City, studying English at the Central Philippine University. You have never seen three more different people, but they converge in their desire to share with the online advocates the population issues that plague their  communities. Read about their project here:

Synergy is defined as “two or more things functioning together to produce a result not independently obtainable.” It comes from the Greek word “synergia” or working together.

The word captures the very heart of the action we want to take. We are three distinct persons (see us personally and you would agree) who want to do something impossible without help from other hands.

We envision being the voice that will cast aside boundaries and attach people to social issues. We need a name that explains our circumstances and bares what we are passionate about. Sulong Synergy was born there and then: since we united to share the same goal; and within our diversity we found our unity.

The world is too small for us not to make alliances. Brotherhood, sisterhood, and comradeship, with love, show us the real essence of humanity and beauty in itself. SULONG SYNERGY wants to do its part in our country’s progress, and we will do that simply by telling stories grounded in reality.

Read their blog here.

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