Knowledge Channel’s Programming Line-up for December (Christmas Specials)

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Ang Pinakamahabang Pasko: Ang Kwento ng Paskong PilipinoAng Pinakamahabang Pasko: Ang Kwento ng Paskong Pilipino

The Philippines holds the distinction of having the longest Christmas season in the world. Jesuit Communications presents “Ang Pinakamahabang Pasko” (The Longest Christmas), a special that takes a more intimate look into the Filipinos’ most beloved season, mapping out the origins of Christmas as it was handed down by the Spaniards, as well as its evolution into the Christmas that we know and celebrate today.

Ang Pinakamahabang Pasko: Ang Kwento ng Paskong PilipinoAiring:
December 19 7:00pm
December 21 7:00pm
December 22 4:20pm
December 23 5:00pm
December 24 7:20pm
December 25 5:00pm
December 28 7:00pm
January 1 11:00am

Popoy: Isang Kuwentong PamaskoPopoy: Isang Kuwentong Pamasko
Popoy follows the journey of an 8-year old orphan longing to be adopted by a family. Convinced that visitors who come to their orphanage want to adopt, Popoy prepares for every visitation, ready to impress with a song and dance, a charming smile, and witty conversation, never losing hope that soon, someone will fall in love with him and adopt him.

Popoy: Isang Kuwentong PamaskoAiring:
December 18 7:20pm
December 20 7:00pm
December 22 7:20pm
December 24 9:00pm
December 25 10:20am and 6:40pm
December 27 7:00pm
December 31 9:20pm
January 1 1:40pm and 9:20pm


Join Kuya Kim in a fun-filled special episode of Matanglawin, as he answers the many Why’s on Christmas.

December 23 9:00am and 6:00pm
December 24 9:00am and 3:40pm
December 25 9:00am

Puso ng Pasko
This drama, comedy and fantasy film, directed by Peque Gallaga and Lore Reyes, stars Jolina Magdangal and Star Magic’s well-loved child performers.

December 23 3:40pm
December 24 4:20pm
December 25 11:40am and 7:00pm
January 1 3:00pm

Mystery of the 24th 
Created by Julian Santiago, the short animated film tells the story of Marlowe and his stuffed toy- friend, Mr. Hastings as they try to meet Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. This feature is winner of Best Animation for Student/Amateur Division during the 4th Animahenasyon Festival (2010).

Mystery of the 24th Airing:
December 22 9:20pm
December 23 8:20pm
December 24 2:00pm and 7:00pm
December 25 5:40pm

Tipong Pinoy: Philippine Christmas

Tipong Pinoy: Philippine Christmas
Ano ang Paskong Pilipino at paano ito naiiba sa Pasko sa ibang bansa at sa buong mundo? Samahan si Susan Calo-Medina at Wency Cornejo para ipagdiwang ang “uniqueness” ng Filipino Christmas.

December 22 9:40pm
December 24 10:20am and 8:40pm
December 25 10:00am, 6:00pm and 11:40pm
January 1 9:40pm

RLB Hour: Loboc Children’s Choir
This Christmas special features the famous Loboc Children’s Choir, as they serenade the viewers with some of the most well-loved Filipino Christmas songs. Ms. Rina Lopez-Bautista hosts.

December 18 7:00pm
December 20 7:20pm
December 22 7:40pm
December 24 8:20pm
December 25 9:40am and 6:20pm
December 31 7:00pm
January 1 9:20pm

Theater Hour: Hansel & Gretel and other Dances 2011
Performed by the Claravall School of Dance and choreographed by Philippine Ballet Theater’s Malen Claravall (aided by three other equally outstanding choreographers), the performance comes in two parts. The first part features local and international dances such as the Chinese ribbon and fan dance, American March, Japanese Tea Dance and many more, while the second. The second, features the classic tale of Hansel & Gretel.

Theater Hour: Hansel & Gretel  and other Dances 2011Airing:
December 22 8:00pm
December 23 7:00pm
December 24 5:40pm
December 25 4:20pm
December 26 8:00pm

In a fitting commemoration of Rizal Day, Knowledge Channel airs the following:

Rizal sa Dapitan
The internationally-acclaimed biography is from the award-winning Tikoy Aguiliz, and stars Albert Martinez as Jose Rizal and Amanda Page as Josephine Bracken. It was hailed as an honest and intelligent film interpretation of the National Hero’s exile in Dapitan.

Rizal Day –December 30Airing:
December 29 8:40pm
December 30 8:20pm

Bayani: Jose Rizal
Noli and Ana went back to the 19th century Philippines as witnesses and participants to history and the events in the life of the National Hero.
• Sa Aking mga Kabataan
• Ang Talaarawan
• Noli Me Tangere
• Mi Ultimo Adios

December 29 2:40pm
December 30 7:00am and 7:00pm

Jose Rizal: Buhay Ng Isang Bayani
(Handog ng Bookmark at Kagawaran ng Kasaysayan, Pamantasang Ateneo de Manila)
Directed by Butch Nolasco, this is a documentary on the personal life of Jose Rizal based on his diaries, letters, and essays. It also shows a large collection of photos & other memorabilia.

December 29 7:40pm
December 30 6:00pm and 11:00pm

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