Arya Residences Cut Energy Use by 14% for Earth Hour

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From WWF: Driven by the common goal of attaining ecological sustainability, green developer ArthaLand recently partnered with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-Philippines).

The project, Arya Residences, being a LEED registered (aiming for a Gold certification) development, has in place various measures and facilities to allow its households to save as much as 14% in energy consumption and as much as 40% in potable water usage. With proper maintenance and the conscientious use of these resources, these savings may be enjoyed for over a year.

“Going green makes perfect business sense, since energy and water-efficiency always translates into savings. Though redesigning current systems and practices takes time, the resources saved will be good not only for residents – but in minimizing our contribution to global emissions to retard climate change,” says ArthaLand VP for Projects and Business Development Kate A. Ilagan.

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