PLCPD: The 7 billionth baby: Filipino?

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Where will the 7 billionth baby be born?

This was the question posed by Ugochi Daniels, the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) representative to the Philippines, during the celebration of World Population Day in Pasay City, July 11, which highlighted the landmark number for the world’s population as forecast by the UN: 7 billion by Oct. 31.

Daniels did not discount the possibility that the 7 billionth baby will be born in the Philippines.

“It’s not impossible, considering that four babies are born in this country every minute,” she said.

Building on that scenario, Daniels then asked the crowd if the Filipino family to which the baby will be born has “room for the new addition to the family.” She also challenged the crowd to make sure that should the 7 billionth baby be born Filipino, she (sic) achieves her fullest potential.

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