GPSO 2011: Action #364

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Alexandra Paul on Baywatch


How are people in other countries managing their population concerns? GPSO collects Actions from Pledges all over the world. Here are some of the things that were done in 2011:

Action #364

Date: February 24, 2011
Person(s) Involved: Alexandra Paul, GPSO Endorser, Actress and Film-Maker.
You may remember Alexandra Paul as Lt. Stephanie Holden on Baywatch, with David Hasselhoff. But did you know that she;’s an activist as well? As her pledge for GPSO 2011, she wrote the following article, published on Huffington Post:

Women around the world take most of the responsibility for birth control in a relationship, probably since we are the ones most affected by pregnancy and children. Even with all the liberated, wonderful men with whom I have been in love, none offered to share in the cost of my contraceptives. I don’t recall my boyfriends making sure there was enough jelly and sponges at hand. I never got a reminder to take my pill, and none of them had any idea of my cycle. Even in my teens when most of my lovers were older than I, it was assumed that I would take the lion’s share of the responsibility. “Is your diaphragm in?” was the most involved most of them got.

Read her article on the Huffington Post, Better Sex Through Vasectomies.

Read more on the GPSO website.

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