Beware of job scams!

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By Arthur B. Galele

Arthur B. Galele is a 22-year-old registered nurse from Quezon City.

One of the questions I get asked most often is how to tell whether a job posting is a scam or a real job. Even though it can be hard to tell the difference, I have to share one of my experiences about it.

One time I got a call from an unknown woman. She said she was from US BIOTECHNOLOGY, and they needed people for the company. She asked me if I was available the next day at 6:30pm or 3pm. I said maybe tomorrow at 6:30pm. She said, “Professional ka naman siguro so I guess pupunta ka ha.” She sounded like she was in a hurry, and she couldn’t answer my other questions. She said she would just text me the details. She asked me to bring a valid ID and to come in office attire. The address was in an office building on San Miguel Ave. in Ortigas. I even texted the number that she used and asked what the job is about.

The woman said that they are looking for young professionals, preferably registered nurses, for their Health Care Project. They needed two or three qualified employees. I was shocked that she knew my name and where I graduated. She also kept reminding me to arrive on time because they follow American time. She told me to become professional, not to cancel or reschedule appointments. The woman sounded so professional.

But it turned to be all lies. Thank God I searched Google and I found out that this was just a big scam. I was really intrigued that she did not tell all the details. I also noticed is that she talked really fast. It seems one tactic of scammers is talking fast, to give you very little time to react.

If you are a fresh grad, it is definitely difficult to differentiate the real job postings from the fake ones. You may think that you are applying for a good job but it’s actually a trap. If you find a job opening which requires you to pay a fee before or after applying, then you should definitely back out while it’s still early. If you think what you are reading is too good to be true, it probably is. If these say that you can get bundles of money without doing much, then these are probably scams. Just think: who would offer you money just like that?

A real job posting will show you the description of the job and the list of requirements. Plus, they will always give you their contact information. If you have the time, always do a background check on the company. If you have been contacted by someone, never hesitate to ask questions. You should ask who the person is, their company background, their contact information is, and you can even ask for references. This will give you an easier time to report them in the future if ever they are scams.

Never ever give out information over emails and phone calls! Do not get overwhelmed by good company names or promises. Try to check with the appropriate government agency to see if this is a legitimate business. And in case you still get scammed, do not be alarmed. Just learn from your mistakes and you will certainly find a good job. At the same time, you can help other people avoid these situations. Never hesitate reporting suspicious people or groups. After all, if they are legal operating groups, they will surely check out.

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