Speaking up for the Pill

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Are you one of the thousands of women in this country using the combined oral contraceptive pill? If so, you might want to add your name to an online petition that hopes to combat the stigma about using the Pill and the misinformation out there about it.

“We want to hear from real people, telling us how they feel about taking the Pill,” says Regina Layug-Rosero of Mulat Pinoy, co-sponsor of the petition with advocacy blog Sex and Sensibilities. They hope to spread awareness that:

  • The Pill does not cause cancer.
  • The Pill does not cause abortion.
  • Many women take the Pill for medical reasons, as prescribed by their doctor.
  • Many women have used the Pill for years with no side effects or adverse reactions.

If you use the Pill, or know women who has used the Pill, add your testimony to those of other women around the world, sign the petition here.

Men are also invited to sign the petition, as long as they agree that the Pill is a safe family planning choice, or they know women who are currently on the Pill.

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