Seeds of Destruction – a new eco-thriller by Allan Hendry

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On Hawaii, an ecologist terminates a species. In Jordan, a theologian and an arms dealer meet a terrifying sect. In Colorado, a computer scientist confronts people seeming to see in the dark. At Oxford, a doctor performs dangerous experiments with extreme protesters. In Australia, a dietary researcher unmasks a hidden cult.

Peter is drugged into a distorted nightmare, and Iona wakes to real night-time horror. Tony is offered a job it will be fatal to refuse,
and Kiri is kidnapped to force his co-operation. Too late, Brad’s super-computer unravels the full horror of the oncoming global attack.
But Brad and Iona are on the run. With evidence too thin to be believed, Tony and Peter are out of choices.

A new book by Allan Hendry, this work of fiction is an exciting novel that combines suspense and intrigue with strong messages about ecology and population.  ‘A unique and significant combination. This is attention-grabbing page-turning fiction, given chilling impact though its detail of the real threats to our future on this planet. It makes you realise that the unthinkable could just happen.’

Niel Bowerman, of Oxford University Atmospheric and Oceanic Planetary Physics, sat on President Obama’s Environment Policy Team, on a committee of a G8 Research Group, and has addressed the European Parliament on environmental issues.

“Allan Hendry’s eco-thriller is a true page-turner. I read it cover-to-cover in one go. The plot is addictive as the characters jump from one exotic location to another.”

“The book touches on fundamental questions about over-population and extinction, and I hope it will be able to bring these important issues to a wider audience. Hendry is clearly well travelled, and this shines through in his writing.”

Dr Ian McKee, MBE, Edinburgh GP and recently retired Member of the Scottish Parliament, is also a trustee of the Lord Provost of Edinburgh’s OneCity Trust, founded to fight social exclusion in the city.

“Imagine a novel that combines the pace and excitement of a gripping thriller with a serious message about the crisis that awaits our planet if the growth in population remains unchecked? Yes, I know what you are thinking, I did too, but I have to admit that in Seeds of Destruction the impossible has been achieved, with all the ingredients that make a successful holiday page-turner and a dramatic climax.

I was soon caught up in the twists, turns and mystery of the story, and it was difficult to put down. I strongly recommend Seeds of Destruction as a marvellous read.”

Author Allan Hendry

The author of Seeds of Destruction, Allan Hendry, graduated in Electronic Engineering at King’s College, London.

He has run high-technology projects worldwide, in aeronautics, communications, cryptography, covert diving systems, cryogenics, space breathing equipment, and many others.

This career led him to becoming a main board member of a FTSE 100 company, and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

This caused him to travel a lot – and then create the book he would have wanted for those journeys.

The book also reflects how his views have changed since those days. He retired early and now makes hand-crafted hi-fi loudspeakers, sold under the name MonoPulse.

Valuable help was given by Becky Swift at The Literary Consultancy. Stay tuned for a full review of the book.

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