Understanding the Pope’s New Stance on Condoms

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According to the Huffington Post, Pope Benedict XVI didn’t exactly say, “Okay, everybody can use condoms now!”

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But what are the implications of his statement? Says Rev. James Martin, S.J.Catholic priest and author, ‘The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything,’

“… [T]he Catholic Church has not changed its teaching on the use of condoms as a means of birth control. Nor has the church “officially” changed its teaching on the use of condoms: an interview is not the same as an encyclical or a document from a Vatican congregation. But the previously out-of-bounds discussion about whether condoms can be used as a means to prevent the spread of disease is now in-bounds. That is change, by any definition. And that change is a good one, for if it moves the conversation ahead, it may mean a further lessening of the spread of HIV/AIDS and the prevention of death. As such, it may be seen as a new kind of pro-life initiative on the part of the Holy Father.”

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