KNN POPDEV: Nakaaapekto ba ang kultura sa pagdami ng populasyon ng North Cotabato?

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Bureau: North Cotabato
Reporters: Mary Joy Belandres, Nikko Garcia, Jovane Sansalona

The province of North Cotabato is considered a melting pot of traditions and customs that come from both indigenous and foreign backgrounds. It can, however, be said that because the city is predominantly a Muslim area, the greatest influences that have shaped the province come from the teachings of Islam and the Muslim culture.

Some locals believe that one area where their religious beliefs have a direct influence on is the growing population of the city. Many say that because it is acceptable in the Muslim tradition for a man to have more than one wife as long as he can equally provide for all his spouses and families, as well as the teaching that all babies are blessings from Allah, the population has also grown directly as a result of adhering to these teachings and practices.

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