Candidate Score Cards: Ang Kapatiran Party

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Ang Kapatiran Party

By Patricia Vega

On one end of the popdev spectrum is Ang Kapatiran Party, which firmly believes that the Philippines does not have a population problem, and that population and development are two entirely separate issues. All AKP candidates carry the party’s platform, and their presence at some Mulat Pinoy Kapihan sessions provided an alternative viewpoint to the issues at hand.

AKP senatorial candidates

Aim: To promote a safe, clean, healthy and wholesome environment, particularly zero waste management; to promote stewardship as a way of life; and to promote the development of parks throughout the country.

At the Mulat Pinoy Kapihan on Population and Environment, senatorial candidate Atty. Jo Imbong stated that the problem is not the lack of natural resources for the population, but of institutions mismanaging these resources. Senatorial candidates (Ret.) Col. Hector Tarrazona also note the abundance of land in the country, in relation to population size.

Lito David and Reginald Tamayo at the Gov't Resources Kapihan

Aim: The Abolition of Pork Barrel

They wish to ensure transparency and accountability in government transactions, to review procedures of procurement and tax collection, and to streamline bureaucracy to reduce personal expenditures.

AKP also intends to review debt payments and loans in relation to country’s GDP.

At the Mulat Pinoy Kapihan on Population Dynamics and Government Resources, senatorial candidate Lito David suggested that the Commission on Audit must be given prosecutorial powers.

Aim: Prioritize agricultural development through technology and infrastructure; implement an agrarian reform program

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Aim: Strengthen education in science, math, engineering, and English

AKP also wants to end violence in fraternities in school and regulate violent contact sports.

The AKP platform has an education component aimed at strengthening national character and values formation.

Aim: Actively promote responsible parenthood and natural family planning.

At the Mulat Pinoy Kapihan on Population Dynamics and Government Resources, senatorial candidate Lito David stated that family planning must be left to the devices of the married couple.

VP candidate Atty. Dominador "Jun" Chipeco and Councilor Reggie Tamayo

Aim: Encourage livelihood through cooperatives and other rural development programs

AKP proposes to harness OFW remittances to create microcredit facilities for small scale enterprises.

They also encourage the expansion of useful industries and develop/improve export products.

At the Mulat Pinoy Kapihan on Population and Environment, senatorial candidate Atty. Adrian Sison argued that the solution is not controlling the population, but in providing democratic opportunities for all; he noted that in developing countries, the declining labor force is a problem so the Philippines should not take issue with having a large labor force.

Notes that human rights must be recognized and respected, but does not specifically mention gender issues in platform

Aim: Calls for the abolition of gambling, private ownership of fireams, torture and the death penalty, and the formulation of a no-nonsense national strategy against illegal drugs.

They also want to maintain civilian supremacy over the military and create measures against political dynasties

AKP aims to pursue peace based on love, justice, reconcialiation, active nonviolence and progressive disarmament.

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