Are you satisfied with the results of this election? Part 2

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Photo by Mark Cerbo

More disgruntled voters have been airing their grievances over various social networks.

  • David Tarog, gamer: “There is still hope for our country, but it doesn’t lie with the politicians. It lies with God and with those who serve Him wholeheartedly.
  • Rafael Tesoro, production designer and gamer: “I didn’t even vote. Whoever I wanted wasn’t going to win anyway. so why waste time? And I don’t know or care to know about anyone else below most of the senatorial level. They’re all the same. That’s why I didn’t vote… done 2 elections already and the outcome is still the same. Either they’re corrupt or get corrupted… plus Pinoys have no initiative to think so nothing ever changes. I don’t want to waste a day on futile exercises.
  • Blogger Mark Cerbo has posted his pictures of elections at his precinct in San Antonio, Makati.
  • Aissa Ereñeta: The general public seem so thrilled about the automated polls generating such quick results that they’re willing to gloss over the problems that occurred. (Full blog post)

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