Blogger contribution: Flowell Galindez on the Government Resources Kapihan

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Blogger Flowell Galindez sent us his coverage of the Kapihan Session on Government Resources and Population Dynamics, last January 23. He writes:

Photo by Flowell Galindez

Photo by Flowell Galindez

Since we’ve mentioned pork barrel, I raised a not so brainer question during the discussion: 1.) Do we have a government agency that will monitor the usage of pork barrel properly, and if yes do they address the issue of improper implementation and corruption?; 2.) Aside from the wall painting, basket ball court, and beauty pageants are there any guidelines to consider in spending the pork barrel? Palatino answers that we have Commission on Audit (COA) to monitor the use of pork barrel including the proposal, but they don’t have the power to investigate and reprimand politicians who are possibly engaged in corrupt activities.

Check out the photos and videos on his blog.

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