Blogger contribution: Flowell Galindez on the Environment Kapihan

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The Mulat Pinoy project aims to educate the 2010 candidates and the general public about population and development (popdev), and to create an online movement advocating a popdev perspective in government policies and practices. Here’s proof that our efforts are working.

Blogger Flowell Galindez has been attending the Mulat Pinoy Kapihan Sessions faithfully, and participating enthusiastically in discussions with our guest candidates and guest speakers. On our first Kapihan Session, he wrote:

“Frankly, I’m supporting reproductive health that will first safeguard the rights and health of women from their husbands forcing them to have from the health problems caused by unplanned pregnancy. Others may not agree with me especially who sees that having large number of children might be benefiting in the future or by those who never sees the life of those living on marginalized poverty. I just want to make it simple like in our economics class on high school which I commonly used on this blog entry: the increase on population triggers the increase on demands, but not all producers can supply the need…which then leads to scarcity of resources. It’s like the environment who cannot sustain supplying the increasing needs of the growing populace, since it takes time to replenish the resources. Trees don’t grow overnight together with the bearing of fruits, reaping of rice and wheat. It goes the same with the sources of meat and so are the other natural resources.”

If you missed the Kapihan, you can also see videos and photos on Flow’s blog. Read his entire blog entry on the Environment Kapihan here.

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