Manila warned about population issues

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In “State of World Population,” the UN Population Fund examines the interrelations between population growth and climate change, and its impact on women, particularly those in poor and developing countries. With global populations – and consequently, economies and consumption – increasing at a rate disproportionate to the earth’s capacity to adjust, the environmental impact could potentially lead to more catastrophic manifestations of climate change. Women are particularly vulnerable to these changes, since extreme drought, or rainfall and flooding make it harder to secure food, water and energy for families; rural women also comprise at least 50% of agricultural work.

To mitigate the impact of climate change on humanity, the UNFP suggests adopting an environmental impact and assessment framework that takes into consideration population dynamics, gender and reproductive health rights. It also strongly advises governments to fully fund family planning services and ensure access for low-income families. UN representatives in the Philippines note that the ongoing debate over the reproductive health bill focuses on morality, and not on human rights.

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