Opinion: In support of the RH Bill

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By Liwliwa Malabed

I have always been an observer. Sure, I have opinions, but I prefer to keep them to myself. In college, I joined one rally, and only because our German teacher cancelled classes and urged us to go and join the throngs of people already in EDSA. I watch the news, keep abreast with issues, join causes in FB but was never really out there.

I was lurking in Facebook one day when I came across this video post of Fr. Bing Arellano, branding the RH Bill as a moral evil. This one video got 45 (angry) comments. So I watched the video. Normally, I’d let the matter go but I found myself searching YouTube for videos (there aren’t a lot, by the way) that will serve as an answer to Fr. Arellano’s. I found a couple and posted them on FB. This time, I acted on what I think, and what I feel.

I am a woman and I support the RH bill. I come from a big family: a religious one, at that. But I am also aware that our country needs to face our problems: the alarming food shortage, environmental stress, and dwindling job opportunities are just a few. There should be an existing policy based on what is happening here, right now. Through the RH Bill, Filipinos will have access to family planning and to modern methods of contraception. In the end, it is the individual who decides, but at the least it should be an educated decision. Being part of Mulat Pinoy gives me a chance to become a mover, not just a mere observer. You too, can be part of Mulat Pinoy.

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