Mulat Pinoy launches its website and talks about PopDev

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Tomorrow is the Mulat Pinoy Website Launch and PopDev Orientation! To be held at the Tribeca Room of Astoria Plaza Hotel, this event hopes to educate media, bloggers and young voters about population and development, and the concerns that they should consider in the upcoming 2010 elections. Mulat Pinoy: Social Media and PopDev in the 2010 Elections is a project of  the Probe Media Foundation, Inc., and the Philippine Center for Population and Development.

Our speakers for tomorrow’s launch are:

  • Fely Rixhon, Executive Director, Philippine Center for Population and Development
  • Yasmin Mapua-Tang, Executive Director, Probe Media Foundation Inc.
  • Dr. Nimfa Ogena, Philippine Population Association, “What is PopDev?”
  • Milagros Corpuz, Philippine Center for Population and Development, “Balancing Population and Development and the 2010 Elections”
  • JJ Jimeno, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, “Media with a Popdev Perspective”
  • Ramon San Pascual, Phil Legislator’s Committee on Population and Development, “Media with a Popdev Perspective”
  • Gabby Dizon, President/CEO, Flipside Games, “PopCity: Gaming PopDev”
  • Dante Gagelonia, Mulat Pinoy, “Mulat Pinoy! Eye Opening Initiatives”

See you there! Registration starts at 11:00 AM. This event is free.

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