What is Mulat Pinoy?

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Population is the most basic element of every context: the way any system works is first determined by how many elements it has. The way industry, society, economy, education and many other cultural fields develop over time has been reliant on the population of the time. All of these fields affect each other too, creating a complex web of interrelated factors that have population development at its core.

In the Philippines, as in many developing nations, the population issue is a pressing one, with basic necessities like food, shelter and education no longer readily and unilaterally available. Societal concerns like poverty, gender issues, environmental management and much more all rely heavily on how the population has developed up to the present day.

The Mulat Pinoy project is a joint effort of the Philippine Center for Population and Development and the Probe Foundation to 1) bring about a broader awareness of population issues; and 2) push for candidates to adopt and address population development issues in their campaign platforms. The program is composed of complementary online and offline initiatives.

It is up to us, the present generation, to pave the way for a better, brighter future for our nation.

Being aware is just the first step. It is time to open our minds to new directions and resourceful solutions for our most pressing social problems. Mulat, Pinoy!

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