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By Nicai De Guzman, Contributor; Photos by: Janlee Sardeng and Rhea Jacinto


Registration at NWU

Students from Northwestern University, Divine Word College, and San Nicolas National High School arrived and registered for Mulat Pinoy’s Social NetWorth forum.


NWU’s Mass Communication students helped usher in the attending students and the other guests arriving for the forum.

Northwestern University president Liza Nicolas

Northwestern University president Liza Nicolas gave the opening remarks, and stressed the importance of young people being informed.

Hanna from Mulat Pinoy and Criselle from Northwestern University

Hanna from Mulat Pinoy and Criselle from Northwestern University hosted the event.

Kabataan News Network’s PopDev for YOUth video

For the first part of the program, the students and guests watched Kabataan News Network’s PopDev for YOUth video.

Public health journalist Ana Santos

Public health journalist Ana Santos talked about reproductive health and responsible social media use.

The best form of contraception

Santos reminded the students that the best form of contraceptive is having a dream.


Santos shared some tips on how students can protect themselves against predators online.

Fun and games and prizes

Students participated during games prepared by the hosts. Those who were able to answer correctly were given Mulat Pinoy shirts.

Question and answer portion

Open forum

Students and professors alike asked questions about the lectures during the open forum.

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After the forum, students expressed their views about the lectures. They were given “Like” stickers which they posted on comments they agreed with.

Posted on the freedom wall

Posted on the freedom wall: students agreed with a comment on abstinence as the best form of safe sex.

Basta safe!

Also posted on the freedom wall: others gave constant reminders to be safe for those engaging in sexual activities.

Video booth

Is sexual health education necessary?

Several students shared their opinions and what they learned in Mulat Pinoy’s video booth.

Team Laoag!

Here is the Mulat Pinoy team, together with the Mass Communication students who helped facilitate Social NetWorth Laoag.

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