Other Churches express views on the raging RH debate

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To Sin or Not To Sin

Amid heightened efforts of Catholic bishops to criticize the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill, the leaders of other churches gathered in a press conference to express their views on the raging debate.

In a press conference held March 31, 2011, representatives from different faith-based organizations expressed their support for the passage of the highly debated House Bill 4244 or the “Responsible Parenthood, Reproductive Health and Population Development Act of 2011” and its Senate counterpart.

The “To Sin or Not to Sin” press conference, held at the Riviera Sulo Hotel, was organized by the Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development Foundation, Inc. (PLCPD). It was a venue for religious leaders from different churches and a representative from a Catholic organization to express their views on the controversial bill.

Below are some of the main points raised by representatives during the press conference.

Ramon San Pascual, PLCPD

Catholics for RH

National Council of Churches in the Philippines

Interfaith Partnership for the Promotion of Responsible Parenthood

Philippine Council of Evangelical Churches in the Philippines

Iglesia ni Cristo

According to PLCPD, the plenary debate on the RH bill is scheduled to resume in May. While on recess, RH advocates believe that the bishops will intensify their campaign to pressure legislators to oppose the bill and prevent its progress in Congress.

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3 Comments on “Other Churches express views on the raging RH debate”

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  2. lyn

    hindi po totoo na over populated na ang pilipinas. sa manila yes. pero kung titingnan natin lahat ng taga probinsya nandito na sa manila. anong over populated? ang dami pang bakanting lupa d2 sa pilipinas. bakit pati ba bundok sa buong pilipinas ay nasakop na ng buong pilipino. mga sisungaling! hindi totoo na over populated ang pilipinas ni ang mundo. kung over populated na problema na ni Lord yun, may paraan sya kung paano magbawas ng tao niya. hindi poverty ang problema sa pilipinas corruption. paano ma over populated ang pilipinas. ang siblings ng isang pamilya ngayon ay dalawa o tatlo na lang ang anak, darating ang araw maging isa na lang ang anak sa bawat pamilya. actually philipines is already a candidate like japan na mawawala na ang lahi. corruption ang atupagin ninyo. the problem of poverty is ever since the memorial even before the time of Jesus.you cannot guys wipe out poverty. maraming mukha nag poverty, hindi lang sa mga bagay o material na bagay. the real poor here on earth are not those who does not have work nor have nothing to eat but those people who needs to be loved, taking care of. mga taong walang nagmamahal, walang pumapansin.
    “the solution of today might be the problem of tommorrow”
    tandaan niyo yan.

  3. lyn

    sa leyte. sabi ng mga iba doon. over populated na kami. anong nangyari nag karoon ng land slide natabunan sila. di ba nabawasan. wag na lang natin problemahan ang population. let God do the action.

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