The Inconvenient Truth: Short Facts About Family Planning, RH, and Development

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As a follow-up to “Get Real: The Facts VS Myths on Population, Family Planning and Reproductive Health,” this shorter paper summarizes the most important points in a 5-page document.

The Inconvenient Truth: Short Facts About Family Planning, RH, and Development

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3 Comments on “The Inconvenient Truth: Short Facts About Family Planning, RH, and Development”

  1. Margie

    Overpopulation is a myth. Your overpopulation theory has long been debunked, my friends. Your “fact” sheet is full of half truths and lies. Guttmacher is the “research” arm of Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America. What do you expect them to say? That contraception/abortion is bad for you? Your “fact” sheet failed to mention that the oral contraceptive pill reduces libido, makes women irritable, causes breast cancer AND increases the risk of STDs among other things. Hmmm…

    Please stop spreading misinformation to Filipinos. Please respect life. Be pro-family, pro-women and pro-child! Thank you and God bless. <3

    By the way, "mag-family planning para lahat tayo hired"? Are you serious? 0_o Artificial contraceptives are freely available in the US. Heck, abortion is even legal! Have you not heard of the recession and subsequent job losses?

  2. Marcus

    Margie. Imagine a third of the US population all living in Arizona. Now you have an idea of the population density here in the Philippines. Prices for basic necessities are rising and land is in short supply.

    11 women DIE – not get irritable, not have decreased libido, not get an sti, DIE every day here due to preventable pregnancy-related complications.

    The people deciding the fate of poor women are not women. They are not poor. And they don’t have children. Why not let women decide for themselves?

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