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by Eva Callueng

Election fever is starting to build, and now is the best time for us to lobby for and reflect on the changes we need. It will soon be time to select the best people to represent us. Not to mention, of course, the brand of leadership they offer to express their desires or to impress the voting population. We need to listen carefully to their statements, their stands, their desires, their commitments and their promises.

Now is our chance: a chance to select the best based on what they had contributed in the past and what they promise to contribute after the elections. As shapers and molders of people’s opinions, we can do a lot as concerned individuals. We can contribute in various ways, and the beginning is now.

Vote for the Mulat Pinoy Movement. It’s not a political party: it’s a shared vision of a brighter, more informed public. The movement aims to harness the power of social media and the Internet to bring about a broader awareness of population and development (PopDev) issues, especially in this upcoming election. It encourages political candidates to adopt and address PopDev issues in their campaign platforms, while simultaneously empowering the general public by informing them about the candidates’ stands through social media.

We can vote for a movement that recognizes population and development issues and concerns. Being part of this movement equips us with the necessary information as we campaign for and against candidates based on their stands.

Vigilance is the key principle that can drive us to know our candidates better. It is time to open our minds to new directions and resourceful solutions for our most pressing social problems. A possible solution lies in our hands: through the sharing of our experiences to fairly judge the next leaders of our nation. Blog about your experiences. Share your views. Vote for the Mulat Pinoy movement. Vote for yourself, because we all are part of it!

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Come and join our Mulat Pinoy Kapihan Series at Bo’s Coffee at Glorietta 5, Makati City. For further details, visit the Mulat Pinoy website found at or check out Facebook. We want you!

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