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Good day, Ma’am, Sir! Welcome to Mulat Pinoy’s Kapihan Series here at Bo’s Coffee, Glorietta 5, Makati!

Mulat Pinoy will jolt you into awareness of population and development (popdev) issues though a special and powerful blend of social media and the Internet. It also offers a strong and encouraging brew for candidates to adopt and address popdev issues in their campaign platforms in the upcoming 2010 elections, while simultaneously informing the general public about the candidates’ stands.

Don’t miss our special promo, the Kapihan Series! The Kapihan sessions are the core offline activities of Mulat Pinoy. These open-to-the-public informal coffee-shop forums involve at least one major electoral candidate in each event, allowing media practitioners and the public to meet major political figures in a more personal way. Take a sip of your coffee while listening to candidates as they explain their platforms, and their perspectives on population and development.

As an added perk, special participation from interested third parties is also slated for each session based on the theme of the discussion. Know more as social/political experts and various groups talk about a range of topics that are related to population and development. Ask questions, probe deeper and be an informed citizen! Learn more about population, development and the political landscape so that you can make educated decisions in the coming elections. Every session will take place here at Bo’s Coffee, Glorietta 5, Makati.

A taste of one Kapihan will definitely persuade you to keep coming back for more! Stimulating afternoons of invigorating discussions await you. Here are the themes and their schedules:
January 16 – Population and Environment
January 23 – Government Resources and Population Dynamics
January 30 – Population and Housing
February 13 – Population and Food Supply
February 27 – Population and Education
March 13 ¬- Population and Health
March 27 – Urbanization/Migration
April 10 – Synthesis

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Just as espresso is the base for your favorite coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos and mochas, population is the most basic element of every context. It is interwoven in how a system works. The way industry, society, economy, education and other cultural fields develop has been reliant on the population of the time. All of these fields create a complex web of interrelated factors that have population and development (popdev) at its core.

Being aware is just the first step. It is time to wake up and open our minds to new directions and resourceful solutions for our most pressing social problems. There’s no better way to do it than over a cup of good coffee. Come join us in all of Mulat Pinoy’s Kapihan sessions. It is up to us, the present generation, to pave the way for a better, brighter, and progressive future for our nation. Mulat, Pinoy!

For more of Mulat Pinoy, please visit our website at www.mulatpinoy.ph. You can also follow us on Twitter and Twinoy. Check out our Multiply site, and be a fan on Facebook!

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